Web Site Hosting Services

Web hosting is necessary for any web site. The web site must be hosted on a server that is connected to the internet all the time and has a fast connection to be able to reliably send your pages to site visitors when the pages are requested. The web site host for your organization's web site is the service that allows your web site to be on the internet. Without a web host for your web site, nobody can get to your web site.

Don't worry! Paydirt Design provides reliable web site hosting services for our clients. Our web hosting environment is Linux-based for speed, reliability, and security. Hosting your web site on Paydirt Design's web hosting environment costs only $10.00 per month per domain, with discounts for annual payments or multiple domains.

With our web site hosting packages, you get up to five email addresses, 500 megabytes of web site storage space, and over 1 gigabyte of data transfer per month.

We also provide automatic weekly backups of all our hosted web sites to a separate remote server (off-site backups) for added security and protection of your web site.

If you already have your web site hosted, we can assist you in the domain and content transfer, or we can perform maintenance on your site where it currently exists.*

* We may need to work with you to get necessary access to your web hosting environment, or deliver files to you for you to upload, depending on the restrictions or requirements of your current hosting provider.