Web and Internet Presentations

Educational Presentations on Web Site Development and General Internet Use

Paydirt Design is also available to give presentations on internet use and web design and development issues.

Our web site design and development presentations start with ground work information on why your business or organization will be benefit from a professionally designed web site, and progresses on to topics of importance to any web site owner or manager.

Our presentation on general internet terminology and technology are geared toward the internet user, from beginners just starting our on-line to more experienced users interested in advanced topics and getting the most out of the web.

Select Topics

Web development and internet information presentations from Paydirt Design are geared toward a one hour presentation, with time for questions after the presentation, but can be shortened (on most topics) to at little as half an hour to accommodate your meeting schedule.

Here are some of the prepared topics we have available for your group or organization:

  1. The Internet - Basic Technology and Terms
    What is the internet? What is the web? This presentation provides basic answers to get you started on your personal on-line experience. The internet and the web can be a wonderful personal, business, or educational tool, and knowing a little terminology can really help you to get started - and can help you get help if you need it!
  2. Why Does My Business Need a Web Site?
    As a business owner or marketing manager, you know that you need to increase revenues, attract new customers or members. How can a professional web site help? Is a web site appropriate for your business or organization?
  3. Why Does My Non-Profit Need a Web Site?
    Non-profit organizations deal with different issues than for-profit businesses. Why should your non-profit be on-line? What should you be thinking about when starting your web project?
  4. Why Does My Public Sector Agency or Organization Need a Web Site?
    As with non-profit organizations, the public sector deals with some distinct issues. What can a web site do for your department, division, or administration? What all do you need to address on your limited budget?
  5. Common Web Site Pitfalls
    The most common - and most costly - issues that reduce the return on your web site investment.
  6. What do I Need to Know?
    You're a business owner or marketing manager for your business or organization, and you've been put in charge of your web site, but you're not necessarily a technical person. You're either building your web site on your own, or you've contracted with a web designer to build your site. What do you need to know to make sure you're getting as good web site? What simple tests can you perform to make sure your site works for your site visitors?
  7. Web Technology for Web Site Owners
    A brief history of the web and where we are now. Information on some common terms your web developers are likely using when talking about your web site. This will help you understand what your developers are talking about, and what it means for your business or organization.
  8. Web Site Usability
    You want your web site to be usable, but is your fancy design taking away from that? How can you insure that people can use your web site?
  9. Web Site Accessibility
    You may have heard about web accessibility or accessible web sites, but what does it mean and why does it matter to every web site owner? Isn't making your web site accessible going to make it cost a lot more?
  10. Web Standards - What Are They?
    If you're working with a professional web developer, they'll be mentioning web standards or standard compliance. What are web standards, and why should they matter to you, a business owner or web site manager?
  11. Semantic Markup - Why Does It Matter to Me?
    Semantic markup is a cornerstone to web usability and accessibility. But what is it, and what does it mean? In particular, what does it mean for your business or organization?
  12. A Foundation for SEO
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to promoting your web site. By setting the groundwork correctly when you are first building your web site, or when you are going through a redesign can greatly improve your site's success in the search engines.
  13. Promoting Your Web Site - Basics
    You've got a web site. It may be a basic couple of pages about your business or organization, or it may be an extensive on-line shopping site. Regardless of the size or complexity of your site, you need to get visitors so they can help your organization grow and flourish. how do you get started promoting your web site so it can work for you?
  14. Promoting Your Web Site - Email Marketing Basics
    Email marketing is a popular method for attracting people to your business or web site. What should you know before you start your first email campaign?
  15. Evaluating Your Web Site Performance
    You have a web site, but how do you know if it is performing well? What can you do to evaluate the performance of your web site? What do you need to know?

We are regularly developing presentations on additional topics, so check back to see what is currently available. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover for your group or organization, please contact us to discuss topics.


If you are hosting a presentation from Paydirt Design within ninety minute's drive from Butte, MT, and the presentation is open to the general public at no charge, or to your organization's membership and their invited guests at no charge, we will be glad to provide our presentations at no charge to your organization.

If you wish to use our presentations as a fund raiser for your organization, our rates start at $100 per presentation topic.

For locations that will require over three hours round-trip travel, or may require an over-night stay, we will need to discuss travel and lodging expenses with you prior to confirming the engagement.

Please contact us to book your presentation today.