Search Engine Optimization Services

At Paydirt Design, we take a different approach to SEO for your organization's web site. Based on 29 years of web site building experience, we understand the web site design and development best practices to provide the best web site structure for long-term positive search engine ranking results.

The Google Game

Rather than "playing the Google game," to try to stay ahead of the search engines with tricks to garner temporary high search engine rankings for your web site as many SEO organizations will do, and which can have impressive, but not lasting, results, we focus on long-term search engine ranking gains, reliability for your search engine optimization results, and search engine ranking stability in our search engine optimization work.

The search engines are constantly changing their systems, indexing processes, search algorithms, and ranking technology with one result in mind: provide the best, most relevant results to web searchers.

The effect of these efforts by the search engines on web sites is that those sites that try to "work the system" to stay at the top of the search engine listings, eventually get pushed down. And then those sites have to fight again to get back to the top.

Playing the search engines like this is costly, and requires constantly reworking and tweaking your site, and all of that just for a temporary fix.

Our Search Engine Optimization Approach

The Paydirt Design approach to SEO is different.

Based on 29 years of experience, we start all of our design and development projects with SEO in mind.

First, we use proper semantic markup so that both site visitors and search engines can understand your web site. Not only does this help the site get indexed properly, it helps your web visitors to read and understand your web site.

Then we work with you to understand your content and make sure your content is relevant. By making your site relevant and communicating clearly in the content of your pages, you communicate to the search engines and allow them to understand your site, as well as helping your visitors to get the information they seek.

Also, we work with you on additional factors that can help your site generate traffic so you can meet your organization's goals with the site.

Our methods will keep traffic coming to your site with minimal impact to your ongoing budget. However, if you do decide to go with a big SEO firm for recommendations, we can implement the regular changes to your web site they will require to keep your site on top of the game.