Hearst Free Library

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Hearst Free Library

The Library strives to provide the best service available. We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking and innovative library. As such, we are part of the 2005 Montana Library Association "Library of the Year" winning partnership known as the Montana Shared Catalog Partner Sharing Group.

Hearst Free Library

About the Hearst Free Library site:

The Hearst Free Library's website provides visitors with information about the library. Here you can find information about how to use library resources; how to search for books and articles; how to download audiobooks; and what events are upcoming.

What's Cool:

The library needed a more expansive and informative web site than the one page they had through the Anaconda Chamber of Commerce, and needed the ability to readily keep information and schedules updated. Of course, they also needed to keep their project in budget, so they needed a web site builder who could help them prioritize and adjust features and functionality to allow the site to go live, and keep the initial costs under control.

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August, 2009