Christopher E. Quigley, LCSW

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Christopher E. Quigley, LCSW

Chris Quigley is a Certified Forensic Examiner and Criminal Justice Specialist operating out of Butte, Montana. Mr. Quigley provides his services to court systems, law enforcement organizations, and civilians in criminal cases and civil, juvenile, child and family services cases in any case in a Montana court.

Christopher E. Quigley, LCSW

About the Christopher E. Quigley, LCSW site:

Mr. Quigley needed a site to supplement the fliers and newsletters he sends out to clients and prospects, as well as provide information on his services to the Montana legal system and civilians.

What's Cool:

The site design needed to match the printed materials Mr. Quigley had already produced, but still be engaging to web visitors and to visitors who had not received his mailings.

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November, 2009