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Atcheson Taxidermy

In 1951, Jack Atcheson, Sr., founded Atcheson Taxidermy in Butte, Montana. Tom Hardesty, Sr., went to work for Jack Atcheson, Sr., in 1964. Begenning at the bottom, he learned his trade exceptionally well. In 1980, Tom purchased the taxidermy business from Jack Atcheson, Sr. Tom's three sons, Tom, Jr., Shean, and Joe Hardesty, also joined the company. Tom, Jr., began working in 1988, Shean in 1990, and Joe in 1992.

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Atcheson Taxidermy
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Atcheson Taxidermy

About the Atcheson Taxidermy site:

The Hardestys needed a site for their Butte, Montana taxidermy business to promote sales and tie in with their other businesses.

What's Cool:

The site shares its photo gallery with the sister site D & C Expediters to keep maintenance simple.

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