Web Server (or Web Hosting Server)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is a web server?

Web Server (or Web Hosting Server)

The term web server can refer to either the computer hardware used to host a web site or the software running on that server to deliver the web pages when requested by a visitor.

Often the server hardware is similar to the hardware you use on your desktop computer, though often things like video cards and sound cards, unnecessary for a web server, are lower-end or non existent. On the other hand, web servers often have higher quality or faster network cards, hard drives, and hard drive controllers.

Web server software, such as Apache or Microsoft IIS, is special software that handles requests for web pages and sends the correct information back to your web site visitor.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Your web site will require a web server to be available on the internet to site visitors. Without a server, your customers cannot get your pages when they request them.

In addition to the server being available all the time, you want a server that is fast and has a high-quality, high speed connection to make sure that your pages are sent to your visitors quickly and visitors are not left waiting for your server to send the web page they are requesting.

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