Dynamic Site (or Dynamic Web Site)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

Why do I need a dynamic web site?

Dynamic Site (or Dynamic Web Site)

A dynamic web site is a web site that can be quickly changed by the web site owner, that changes based on the interaction from the user or visitor, or that automatically changes based on time, sequence of events, or content or occurrences on other web sites.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Having a dynamic web site allows all or part of your web site to change based on a wide variety of criteria.

A dynamic web site may change based on user actions (such as logging in) or which section of the web site a user visits, or which pages have previously been requested by this site visitor. Dynamic web sites may also change based on which pages get the most or least traffic.

A dynamic web site can also change based on requests to the server by the site owner, allowing the owner of the site (or part of the site) to update or change information, or publish new content on the site as time goes on.

A dynamic web site can also automatically change based on changes made on other sites (may be stock values or sports scores), or as time changes (removing last week's special without you having to do it yourself).

As a business owner, a dynamic web site can help save you money by automating various routine tasks to to help you keep your information current. A dynamic web site can also be more engaging to visitors by customizing aspects of the site to that visitor's needs, making their interactions with your site more efficient.

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