Search Ranking (or Results Ranking)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

Search ranking refers to the position of a particular web page in search results and is determined by a complicated set of algrorithms and calculations.

Search Ranking (or Results Ranking)

Search ranking refers to the position your web site comes up in the search results when someone performs a search at a search engine on the world wide web.

Search ranking is determined by a very complicated set of algorithms that evaluate the relative importance of a particular web page in the grand scheme of the internet, and also determines the importance of a particular web page for a particular search term and how that compares to other pages that may be relevant for that search term.

While different search engines use different specific calculations to determine search ranking, they all have the same objective, which is to get people using their search engine to the most relevant web page available for that search term.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Search ranking matters to most site owners, because many web site visitors will first find your web site through a search engine.

When people search the web, they are more likely to click through to pages that are closer to the top of the list of results - pages that have a better search ranking.

Proper design and development of your web site will help with the search engine optimization of your site, improving your search ranking and helping to bring more people to your on-line presence.

Working with a professional web site design and development company, like Paydirt Design will address the issues of search relevance for you and help your web site to have a bigger and better influence on your business.

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