Glossary of Web Design Terms

Combining content from multiple on-line resources to make a web page more useful.


A mashup is a web page that takes information from various different on-line sources and combines them together on a single page.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Your business may have multiple web sites, may have information stored in different systems within your web site, or may need to display information provided by a partner or third-party vendor as part of a central web site.

Mashups may bring information from shipping or manufacturing systems onto one page so that a customer can track their order, or may merge articles from your blog and a partner's blog in one list so people can quickly and easily find an article, regardless of which site it was posted on. Mashups can also be used to integrate generic information such as a weather report or a stock price into a particular web page.

By bringing information from disparate sources onto a single web page, you may be able to better serve your web site visitors. However, as with many technologies, it is possible to go overboard, and providing too much information will just become noise, and your original objective may be lost.

From Our Web Design Portfolio...

Cameo Paints
Cameo Paints is the site for Sue Seyffarth's Cameo Paints, a Paint Horse breeding operation based out of Billings, MT. Sue's goals with the site were first to promote her young Paint Foals for sale, then to explain her bloodline and possibly attract mares to her Paint Stallion.