Web User (or User)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

A web user is an individual who accesses the internet to look at web sites.

Web User (or User)

A web user is an individual who accesses the web to look at web sites for any reason. We generally think of people when we think of web users, but some web users are automated systems, such as search engine spiders or link validators.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Web users are an important consideration in any web site design or web development project.

Who do you expect to use your web site? Why will they use the web site? What do these users want or expect from your web site? What do you expect these users to accomplish on your web site? Will other people use - or even be able to access the web site? Is it important that other people not be able to access your web site, or is it important that they can access your web site?

These questions about your web users will all help guide web design, web development, web usability, and web accessibility discussions for your web site project.

Remember, when you're talking about web users, it's not just the people who are using your web site, but also the automated systems that access your web site, like search engines and feed readers, that are web users that want to be thinking about.

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