Blog (or Web Log)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

A blog has become a standard part of a web project, but what is a blog and how does it apply to my site?

Blog (or Web Log)

A blog, or, more "formally," a web log, is a journal or log of your activities posted to the internet, whether these are your personal trip, the projects a business is completing, or just your comments on what is currently happening in the world of interest to you.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

A blog can be very helpful to a business.

On the one hand, a blog provides a window for your customers and prospects to see what you are currently doing and what you have completed recently. This can help generate interest in your projects and services.

In addition, a blog will help your existing customers stay engaged with you and your web site, and this will help to encourage repeat business.

Beyond even that, though, a blog is interesting and engaging to the search engines. By continuing to post additional information on your web site, and keeping that information current, your web site appears new and active, which keeps the search engines coming back to see what has changed, and by posting additional information to your web site, your site continues to grow and expand, providing more web pages for the search engines to index. The additional content and the additional indexing both help people using search engines to find your site when your information is what they are looking for.

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