Photo Album (or Image Gallery)

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What is a photo album or image gallery and why would I want one on my web site?

Photo Album (or Image Gallery)

A photo album, often called a photo gallery or image gallery, is a portion of a web site with a collection of images or photos. Photo albums are often broken down by subject or time period to make it easier for site visitors to find the pictures they are interested in.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Many web sites include photo albums. A photo album or image gallery is important for businesses that have creative products or services, such as landscape designers, picture framers, travel agents, photographers, or other artists. An image gallery showing one or two images of several different projects will show the quality of work you provide and can help you to sell your service to the next potential customer.

A photo album is also important for clubs or service organizations to show not only people having fun together, but also to show the kinds of service work and community giving your organization provides, and how beneficial that service can be.

A photo gallery can also be used to show samples of your products to tentative buyers to help them make the purchase decision.

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The MisCon web site is intended to inform science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans of the theme, focus, and schedule for the next upcoming MisCon. Attracting fans from the wide open spaces of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming is not an easy task, and having an accurate, up-to-date, and engaging site is imperative to attracting new attendees to Missoula every Memorial Day weekend.