Accessibility (or Web Accessibility)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

The concept that all web content should be available to all internet users.

Accessibility (or Web Accessibility)

Web accessibility is the concept that all web pages should be available to, and usable by, all internet users. Web accessibility addresses the ability for visitors of all ages and levels of computer or internet experience to use your web site. Accessibility on the also addresses issues related to various handicaps, such as people with a tremor or people with blindness who are accessing your site.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Making sure your web site meets basic accessibility standards insures that the visitors to your web site can get the information about your business or organization and can successfully interact with your web site.

Insuring that your web site is accessible will give your web site a more positive impact on the visitors to the site. Having an accessible web site will increase sales and conversions by insuring that the maximum number of people can interact with your site and learn about your products or services.

An accessible web site will also benefit your organization by insuring that the search engines can get to your information and properly index your content.

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