Site Automation (or Automation)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

Site automation: the process of automating your web site to simplify web site management.

Site Automation (or Automation)

Site automation is the process of creating and using web-based tools to alter content on the web site, and to manage this content without interaction from the site developer or the site owner. Site automation creates a dynamic web site through the use of server-side scripting, often with a web database.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Site automation can help improve the quality of the web site while keeping the ongoing costs, both in time and money, low and minimizing your need to understand all the nuances of web development and web standards.

Having an automated web site will help you improve the relevance of your site, thereby improving your search engine optimization, while simultaneously increasing the interest in your web site as visitors learn that your information is being kept current.

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