Web Database

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is a web database? Why would I need a web database on my web site?

Web Database

A web database is a database that is used to store content used on a web site. A web database can also be used to store meta information about particular web pages or information used to generate or calculate the content displayed on particular web pages.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

With a dynamic web site, a database is often a necessary part of the back end, the parts of the web site not readily visible to the web site users (or sometimes even the web site owner).

A web database allows you to store data for similar items, such as products, to help insure consistent presentation to web users, and to facilitate your ability to add and remove content quickly and easily.

Web databases store information like property listings in a real estate web site, product information and customer history in an on-line shopping web site, pictures and categories in an image gallery, or other information.

From Our Web Design Portfolio...

Silver Bow Kiwanis
Silver Bow Kiwanis
The Silver Bow Kiwanis Club needed a web site to communicate readily with current members and interested K-Family partners in the Butte area, as well as to inform the community of the community service events the club was putting on. Of course, the ability to possibly recruit new members through the web site wouldn't hurt.