Content (or Web Content)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is web content?

Content (or Web Content)

Content, web content, or site content consists of the images and words on your web site. Other media, such as videos or Flash animations, and downloadable files also contribute to the content on your web site.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

On the web (and in a lot of other media) content is king. Using good, relevant content on your web site will help visitors understand your business when they find your web site, and will help them find your web site in the first place.

Making sure that you also present your content in accessible formats, either instead of or in addition to videos, slide shows, animations, and other media presentations will help to insure that all web users can access the information on your site, and will help with SEO.

Remember, what people see on the page is what they know about your business. Make sure your content is useful, usable, accessible, and relevant.

From Our Web Design Portfolio...

Montana Role-Playing Calendar
Montana Role-Playing Calendar
This calendar was created with several purposes in mind. The first was to provide a means of sending automated reminders to forgetful players, so that attendance would be more reliable at game sessions. Another purpose was to recruit new players to existing games, especially when players had to leave the game or move away.