Web Site (or Internet Site)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

Why do I need a web site for my business?

Web Site (or Internet Site)

A web site is a web page or collection of web pages for an organization, business, individual, or other party on the web.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Any business or organization can benefit from a web site. Your organization's web site makes your information or products accessible from the internet so that people all over the world can learn about your business, products, or services. This makes your business more visible and reaches a broader audience, which can help grow your business.

If you have products you can ship, having a web site opens your potential customer base to the entire world, rather than just your local community. If you have done mail order, you know the expense of printing and mailing catalogs, and the frustration of people ordering from an outdated catalog. With a web site, you can direct these people to your web address and they have access to all the product information you have published. Outdated or discontinued products can be removed from the web site to prevent people from trying to order those items.

Even if you do not have products you can ship, your organization can benefit from a web site. Non-profit organizations can broaden their impact - and their donor base - with a web site, by bringing attention to their works to a wider audience.

Other businesses can benefit from a web site since many people go to the internet first when looking for products or services, even when they intend to shop locally. The internet is overtaking the phone book as the go to resource for finding local businesses. With more and more people looking for a web site for a business to find out where they are and what they offer, can your business really afford not to have a web site?

In many ways, a quality web site helps to level the playing field between small, local businesses and the big-box stores coming in to more and more communities. Many people like the thought of shopping locally, but are under the impression that their only options are ordering mail order (either on-line or from a catalog) or going to a big box store. Having a presence for your business on the web can help bring these people into your store by letting them know that there is a local option.

Many financial institutions are now requiring a web site for any business looking for a loan, venture capitol, or other financial backing. Having a quality web site can help you to get the financial assistance you need to grow your business.

From Our Web Design Portfolio...

The MisCon web site is intended to inform science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans of the theme, focus, and schedule for the next upcoming MisCon. Attracting fans from the wide open spaces of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming is not an easy task, and having an accurate, up-to-date, and engaging site is imperative to attracting new attendees to Missoula every Memorial Day weekend.