Web Address

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is a web address?

Web Address

A web address is the address, or URL, of a web site or specific web page on the internet.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Your web address will help people to find your web site on the internet. People who have received your web address from a television advertisement, business card, brochure, billboard, or other piece of more traditional marketing can enter that web address into the location bar of their web browser and go directly to your web site, bypassing the need to use a search engine to find your web site.

Your web address is what you will use to communicate with current and potential customers about your web site, and what you will use to tell suppliers or vendors how to get to your web site.

You'll want to know your web address so that you can include it in any other marketing or promotional materials, and so you can list it in any advertising you are doing. Your web address should appear any time your business name or logo appears, if at all possible, as this will help drive traffic to your web site, and will help the other advertising, by providing your entire web site as a backup for that advertisement.

Selecting a good domain name will help you better communicate about your web site and your web address.

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