Web Page

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is a web page? What's the difference between a web page and a web site?

Web Page

A web page is a single page of a web site. A single web page should be focused on a single topic related to the overall concept of the web site it is part of.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Your web site will likely be made up of several web pages, each page with specific content on it.

Having a site made up of several pages will help your visitors find the information they are seeking, and will also help search engines send people to the correct part of your site right away.

Logically, a web site will be broken up into one or more sections, each section covering one topic or aspect of your business or organization. You may have sections for your products, your company's history, or your news and press releases.

Each of these sections will then logically be broken down into one or more different individual web pages. Your company history may only consist of one page, or it may have several pages, possibly one for each of your corporate founders.

Every web site will be unique in the number and type of web pages it contains. You will want to work with a good web site development team, like Paydirt Design, to help you create a web site with the right number of web pages to meet your business objectives.

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Hagan Outdoors
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