Lead Web Developer - Keith Seyffarth

Web Site Developer

Keith Seyffarth

Keith started doing web design and development in 1993, and has been working on web development and design since then.

Keith's first web development experience was in response to people continuing to ask the same questions - and get the same wrong answers - in various Usenet newsgroups in the early '90s. In response to this, Keith began publishing the First Tank Guide, which has since grown from answers to just a couple of aquarium care questions, to one of the most-frequented on-line aquarium resources.

Keith's first professional web development experience was with the Montana State University - Bozeman College of Education, Health, and Human Development in 1995 where he provided a robust web presence to promote the school's offerings.

Subsequent to that, Keith worked for Avicom, Inc. for three years developing web sites for over 200 businesses and organizations in the Bozeman, Montana area, as well as a number of sites for organizations located elsewhere in the US. These web sites varied from stage magicians to chambers of commerce, from herbal remedy businesses to legal reference sites, from real estate brokers to agricultural sites, and many more.

After leaving Avicom in 1999, Keith joined RightNow Technologies, a Bozeman, Montana-based enterprise CRM software and SaaS solution provider, and held the position of webmaster, addressing a number of business issues for the RightNow corporate web site and multiple related sites. These duties ranged from SEO, development of content management systems, integrations into business software systems, evaluation of new technologies, support, training, and mentoring of junior staff members, and development and deployment of robust back-end web systems to meet diverse business needs of a rapidly growing, web-based, international business.

Having been through the ".com boom," and two "browser wars," Keith knows the importance of cross-browser compatibility. His focus with Paydirt Design is development of back-end support and technologies to provide quality, standards complaint web pages that will best support our client's business needs.

In 2008, Keith co-founded Paydirt Design taking the role of lead web developer, and is excited to be working again with a variety of clients to address their diverse business needs.

Keith was an active Kiwanis member in Silver Bow Kiwanis where he served on the board of directors for nearly a decade. Keith is also an active member of ConCom for MisCon, Montana's longest running science-fiction convention, where he is Director of Operations and Site Logistics, Director of Technical Operations, and Webmaster.

Here are the most recent two pages Keith added to the First Tank Guide:

  • Catching Aquarium Fish Sun, 03 Mar 2013 14:30:00 MDT
    Sometimes it becomes important to catch a fish from your fish tank. This may be for transfer, sale, because the fish needs to be quarantined, or for some other reason. Read more...
  • Sump Sun, 22 Jul 2012 22:00:00 MDT
    What is a fish tank sump and how does it help filter my home aquarium? Read more...