Payment Options

Developing Web Sites that Work

Paydirt Design provides a number of convenient payment options for your web site design work and web development work, or for any internet consulting services we have provided, including web site evaluations.

We invoice for completed web site design and web development work on a semi-monthly basis, or we can invoice you on a specific date if t works better for your accounting. Our invoices are net 15, and the due date will be on the invoice you are sent.

We normally invoice for web design, web development, internet consulting, or other services by mail, but we can provide invoices by email at your request either as an alternate to a hard-copy invoice or in addition to the hard copy invoice.

We accept business checks in person or by mail, or we accept cash in person (please do not mail cash), or we can accept on-line payment through PayPal (use the "Pay Now" button below). PayPal allows you to pay conveniently and safely on-line for your web design and development services provided by Paydirt Design using your own PayPal account or using most credit cards.

For cash payments, we will deliver an updated invoice reflecting your payment within three business days.

We look forward to continuing to work with you on your ongoing web site needs.