Our Web Site Design Philosophy

Designing Usable and Accessible Web Sites

At Paydirt Design we believe in web accessibility and usability for all internet users, following these simple points.

  1. Focus on our customers business goals and needs.
    By listening to your business goals and web site ideas, we can build you a web site that will meet your organization's needs most effectively.
  2. Maintain a high level of code integrity to support internet usability, web site accessibility, and web standards compliance.
    By developing your organization's web site with standards compliant code, your web site will be accessible to a wider audience, and improved search engine indexability comes along for the ride.
  3. Improve the web experience overall for internet users by helping our clients.
    By helping our customers to have more usable, more engaging, more accessible, standards compliant web sites, not only do we improve our clients' business, but we meet our personal goals of making the internet a better place for all users.
  4. Provide our clients with actionable suggestions.
    By providing clear next-steps for our clients, they can improve their web sites with understandable tasks and clear, attainable goals.

Paydirt Design is a local web design firm that provides quality web site development and web hosting services which assist our clients in recruiting new customers and sustaining revenues by tapping into the broader on-line market.