Server Log (or Log Files)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is my server log, and what do I need it for?

Server Log (or Log Files)

The log file, or server log, is a file on your web server where all the requests to that server are recorded.

Every web page, picture, script, video, or other piece of content is recorded in the web server's log file.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

The most obvious use of log files is tracking web site traffic: how many people come to your web site, and how many pages do they look at. The server logs are not the only way to track your web site traffic, but log file analysis is used by many small businesses and organizations to track how much traffic they receive.

Log files can also be used by your web developers to trouble shoot any issues that your web site may have, or to check for hidden problems.

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Levi Blom
Levi Blom
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