Internal Link

Glossary of Web Design Terms

What is an internal link on my web site?

Internal Link

An internal link is a link from one web page on your web site to another web page on your web site.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Internal links allow people to get from one part of your web site to another part of your web site. This may allow them to get from the home page to the products page, or to get from a list of products on your products page to the detailed information about a specific product.

Without internal links, the only way people can get to pages on your site is from external links, and relying on other people's web sites to allow users to navigate from one page of your site to another is probably not the best way to go about generating business or interest...

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Butte Crabs Rugby
Butte Crabs Rugby
Butte Crabs Rugby is the site for Butte, Montana's local amateur rugby football club. The CRABS needed a site where they could post their schedule, get announcements to the team and fans, and post photos of the team and events.