URL (or Uniform Resource Locator)

Glossary of Web Design Terms

Why should I care about network jargon like Uniform Resource Locators?

URL (or Uniform Resource Locator)

A URL is a means of addressing a particular resource or file for later retrieval. A URL is one type of URI.

Generally when the term URL is used, it is used specifically in reference to the web address for an organization's web site.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

People will ask you for your web address or your URL, or people may offer you a URL to get in touch with them. Knowing what people are asking for or offering when they talk about a URL will help you better communicate with them and will help you better market your business.

Anyone who is helping you with any marketing should be asking you for your URL to include with that marketing material, whether it is a television or newspaper ad, or a formal brochure or business cards, your URL should be included anywhere your business name appears.

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Hagan Outdoors
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