Domain Name

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What is a domain name and why do I need a domain name?

Domain Name

A domain name is part of the web address of a web site.

The domain name is generally recognizable and should be related to what you do or your business name to make it easy to communicate to customers and prospects. is our domain name, and this is the basis for our web address and our email addresses.

A domain name consists of two parts, the domain part, in our case that is just paydirtdesign, and the top-level domain, which in our case is .com.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

The domain name is the first part of the web address of each web page on your web site. Your domain name will help people find your web site on the internet.

Selecting a good domain name for your web site will help you to communicate your web address to current and potential clients and customers. When selecting a domain name, you want to consider your business name first, as that will be the easiest for customers to remember. If you cannot get a domain name that is your business name, or a variation on your business name, then look for domain names related to what you do or the service or products that you provide.

You also want to make sure your domain name - and therefore your web address - is easy to read, easy to understand, and makes sense when spoken or when printed on a business card or brochure.

You can register a domain name for your web site through any of a number of registrars, and Paydirt Design can assist you with this process.

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